Why Us

Leadership  Experience

With nearly a half-century of customer care and sales management expertise, we inspire companies of every size in a wide variety of industries to become extraordinarily successful, exceeding their expectations. We design and implement proven, time-tested strategies that are tailor-made to meet your company’s unique, evolving needs.  

Reduce Labor Costs

Every Call Matters dramatically reduces your costs of hiring and training personnel. Our world-class recruitment and training teams select the best-of-the-best in order to continually support your expansion plans. We dedicate our talents to hand-pick and vigorously train your elite college-educated customer service representatives. Meantime, you have the flexibility to devote your resources to building your brand and growing your business.

Decrease Operational Costs.

A razor-thin margin often separates success from failure. Because so many businesses in the digital age have shed the limitations and boundaries of bricks and mortar, you need innovative solutions to attain and retain the competitive edge.

Every Call Matters maximizes your profit margin by minimizing your operational costs. You will no longer have to underwrite the overwhelming costs of capital expenditures such as infrastructure, furniture, equipment, and technology. We are uniquely prepared to handle all of your infrastructure needs. You will not have to purchase or rent a facility or pay significant maintenance costs.

Strong Cultural Affinity

It isn’t incompetence or lack of initiative that commonly dooms so many outsourced calls to failure.  It’s a lack of cultural affinity between the individuals sharing a conversation. The best efforts of the most dedicated customer service agents will land on deaf ears if the conversation does not flow smoothly because of cultural differences. The bedrock foundation of Every Call Matters is our commitment to creating the strongest cultural affinity between your customer service representatives and your customers. Our agents are completely bilingual/bicultural men and women who did not learn about North American languages and customs through textbooks or accelerated classes. They tap into their own rich experiences to easily find common ground with your customers. The goal of Every Call that Matters is to turn this cultural affinity into growing your bottom line while creating a loyal, devoted customer base.83% of our workforce has lived in the U.S. and 76% of our workforce has family in the U.S.100% of our staff members are fluently bicultural and bilingual.

Recruitment  that Matters

Every Call Matters hires only college-educated representatives who are absolutely fluent in the diverse cultures of North America. Led by seasoned human resources specialists our recruitment team members maintain strong liaisons with career placement officers at major English-speaking Universities who help us identify customer service agents who will best serve your clientele. We look for academic accomplishment, professional demeanor, flawless execution, and uncompromising work ethic.


This will be possibly the single most important part of the process. Hiring the right staff, and training them, will prove the lynchpin of your success. The medical field involves patients who are often experiencing stressful, worrying issues. These patients are likely to interact with your business in a heartfelt, emotional way. They are not buying shoes. You must treat them with the utmost patience, respect, and care.

These are easy words to say, but much more difficult to train for and apply on a regular basis. Your staff must be assigned specific roles, and must be familiar with a wide array of potential issues. They must possess a calm demeanour, and the ability to deal with upset, irritated customers without losing their own calm or in any way exacerbating issues. Hiring with a mind to sensitivity, and then regularly training to reinforce this behavior, will help with this.


Whether your call center staff numbers three, thirty, or three hundred, their basic needs remain the same. You must provide comfortable, ergonomic chairs and desks. Computers needn’t be the ultimate in power and processing, but must be quick enough to allow agents to react. Asking the patient to wait while your computer loads is embarrassing and will lead to abandoned calls.

Phones will require headsets that are comfortable, and transmit sufficient volume of sound. Crystal clear microphones give the patient confidence and aid elderly or hard of hearing patients in getting the information they need the first time. Do not make them ask you to repeat.