The Team

Russ Strunk

Founding Partner and CEO

Combining powerful executive management skills with a tireless work ethic over the last 45 years, Russ has guided elite Fortune 500 product management and sales teams to extraordinary achievement at some of the world’s most successful businesses.

Charles Valle

Founding Partner and President

During his more than 30-years as sales and customer service visionary, Charles Valle management style is to simultaneously work from the trenches to the top tiers of management. From nuts & bolts, to plant management and design, to strategic deployment of call center operations, Charles knows exactly how to get the maximum production and efficiency from each facility.

Lunetra Whitehurst

Vice President of Sales And Operations

With over 15 years of experience in sales, customer service, training, leadership development, performance management and operations, she has honed her skills to foster lasting relationships with clients and partners and has provided dramatic results for Fortune 500 businesses.

Maxine Brown

Director of new Customer Acquisition

Maxine Brown, our Director of new Customer Acquisition, offers our clients more than a decade of experience in business strategy, sales, and human resources management. As the professional Voice of Every Call Matters Maxine is the epitome of professionalism and has created our unsurpassed paradigm for Call Center Customer Support. Maxine has developed and delivered leading-edge training workshops utilizing the latest instructional technology to facilitate effective presentations.