Small Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a new business or you run an already established small business, there are many tasks to focus on at once. The ability to provide excellent customer service while maintaining your focus and minimizing costs is an important incentive for hiring an answering service.


Every Call Matters offers both live and automated answering services to meet your small business needs — at very affordable costs.



Live Answering Services:

Callers  want to hear a warm, friendly voice. Many prospective customers will simply hang up and call another business when they get your voicemail. But as an entrepreneur or business owner on the move, it can be difficult for you to answer every call.


With Every Call Matters live answering services, all of your calls are answered 24/7 and your callers get exceptional customer service at a fraction of the cost to staff your office. Start with our low cost basic answering service or our virtual receptionist service, depending on your business needs.


  • Virtual Receptionist Services 
    Our well‐trained Virtual Receptionists will skillfully answer calls, take messages, give your clients directions and schedule appointments. They can even read, file and respond to email. More than a simple telephone answering service, our Virtual Receptionists act as an extension of your company, answering your phone and handling inquiries just as you would. Contact us to speak with a representative for details.

  • Basic Live Answering Service
    If your business is just starting out, you don't expect a lot of calls or you need just a basic answering service, we can start you out with a low cost basic answering service plan to answer calls and take messages. Our live answering service can also be combined with our automated answering services to keep agent costs low. Answering services can grow with you as your business grows. No long term contracts required. Contact us to speak with a representative for details.

  • Automated Answering Services

    Automated answering services are great way to reduce costs by providing customers with  quick answers to FAQs such as office hours, office location, etc. You can improve customer service by giving callers the option to “zero out” and speak with a live call center agent.



Save Over $2600/month on Staffing and Equipment Cost

Hiring just one full-time 40 hr/wk receptionist employee for your small business or startup company can easily cost well over $2800 / month in wages, benefits and office space rental. This cost does not include the additional costs of office equipment, furniture, computer, office supplies and utilities. And one receptionist employee is never enough. You still need an answering service to answer calls after-hours, on holidays and whenever your receptionist is out sick or on vacation.


Compare that to Every Call Matters  typical virtual receptionist or answering service customer who on average spends $177/month for 24/7/365 round-the-clock phone coverage. Our small and startup business customers typically spend less for their basic answering service needs. That's less than $6 per day for 24/7 phone coverage - a potential savings of over $2600 / month.


Help your business grow with live professional answering services while saving you money on staffing and equipment. Contact us today for a quote for answering service customized to your business needs.


Key Benefits

  • Increased Staffing Efficiency
  • Lower Staffing and Facility Costs
  • Better Customer Service
  • Secure Data Backup and Storage
  • PHI and Caller Data Security


Key Features Available

  • 24‐hour Live Agent Answering
  • Customized Message Templates
  • Multiple Delivery Options
  • Month‐to‐month Service Agreements
  • Local Numbers Available for Call Forwarding or Direct Use
  • Multilingual Agents Available
  • In‐house Fulfillment Available
  • Toll‐free Phone Numbers Available